Top mistakes when creating and advertising site

TOP 12 mistakes when creating and promoting a website


We would like to share the simplest and most popular mistakes that people make when (promotion in search engines and contextual advertising in Google Ads).

The most common website errors:


Lack of a mobile version of the site (adaptive design that would correctly display the site on mobile resolutions: width less than 960, 720, 360 pixels). In 2023, more than 60% of traffic to any website comes from smartphones. Therefore, the lack of adaptive design will allow you to easily lose more than half of your traffic!


This is the weak point of more than half of all sites on the network. At the same time, we see poor site usability not only among clients who simply have not updated the site for more than 5 years, but also on new sites that follow design trends, but are created with terrible usability and a missing information component. Often the reason for such "empty" sites is the desire to "know better" clients who manage the designers themselves and ignore the opinions of usability specialists and marketers when .

Improving usability should be carried out on all sites, without exception, using modern mechanisms of heat maps of clicks, analysis of Analytics statistics and other tools that allow you to control, and many simply record, all the actions of site visitors. It is necessary to conduct regular experiments to change the structure and content of the site.

Lack of advertising strategy

After creating a website, many clients make several common mistakes:

  • they think that they don’t have to advertise the site: “Why, the client will find us anyway!”;
  • they think that if you have a limited budget, you should start with and , instead of . Therefore, they happily spend the entire budget on SEO optimization and, at best, on the first month of work on external promotion. And then the budget runs out, and visitors, of course, never start visiting the site;
  • they think that they know better how to set up an advertising campaign than professionals who have been doing this for more than 10 years. As a result, they not only watch the creation of an advertising campaign and answer questions from advertising specialists, but they themselves want to take an active part in saying what and how best to advertise. There can be two results: advertisers listen to clients but do as needed, or advertisers do as clients want and then the advertising budget is spent inappropriately;

Excessive attention when creating a website

The website, as well as its content, usability and design are very important components of the success of the project. However, many clients spend an excessive amount of time and money “polishing the site.” At the same time, they do not understand an important marketing difference: the difference in conversions between a good site and a “polished” one will be no more than 5%. Therefore, the optimal solution would be to first launch advertising and start receiving profits (requests and orders). And regular work to improve the site and optimize content should be carried out throughout its existence.

Content (description, pictures, video)

Many sites “sin” in this matter. Website owners create boring text content thinking that someone will read it. But it has long been no secret to experts that website visitors are interested in video clips, then pictures, and only then text, and less than 10% of website visitors read all the text; at best, 30% of visitors view the headlines. Therefore, you need to post as much high-quality and useful content as possible: photographs, pictures, diagrams, video reviews, screenshots, useful functionality of various calculators, etc.

Non-unique content

Guys, we need unique text and pictures, Google has long been able to determine their uniqueness, and unscrupulous fans of stealing other people's content are simply mercilessly demoted in search results.

SSL, Robots.txt, redirects

These are common errors that partially or completely prevent a site from receiving traffic from organic (free) Google and Yandex searches.
For many, the site loads using both protocols: httpS and http.
Many people do not have redirects configured from www to non-www, from index.php pages, etc..
Many robots.txt do not contain links to the site map, and many, and sometimes all, pages of the site are closed from indexing.

SEO core and search query clustering

Whoever does not know these terms definitely does not do this))
More than half of the sites require high-quality development of these tasks. Your success depends only on your actions. Porsche was only partly right when he wrote: “If you want to do something well, do it yourself.” If you want to do something well in an area where you do not understand, then learn to delegate tasks to specialists.


Many people post non-work contacts on the site. If the majority of phone numbers are correct, then links to instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, Whatsap), mail address, or mail where letters from the feedback form should be sent are often incorrect or simply unfilled, empty.


Sites in one language are becoming less and less common, especially in Ukraine. But here's how to correctly register a second language, from the point of view of , few people know. Or rather, not only everyone can know, few people can do it!))


An important point. It often happens that when creating a website, a client listens to his friends, who, at best, are narrow specialists in one field (for example: programming) and cannot give adequate objective advice. Therefore, such clients often find performers who perfectly do only that part of the work that can be checked by a friend “assistant”, while the remaining tasks are performed at an arbitrary level.
Dear clients, understand: to create a high-quality website, you need the coordinated work of the “magnificent ten”:

  • project manager and team lead;
  • usability manager;
  • marketer;
  • web graphics designer;
  • a designer to create a logo or brand book in general;
  • layout designer;
  • programmer;
  • copywriter;
  • content agent;
  • SEO manager.

Only their collaboration will make it possible to create a good website! Immediately after its creation, you will also need to contact advertising specialists for .

Summarizing the above information, I would like to say one thing: if you want to receive high-quality services and save valuable time, then always contact professionals who are able, know and have completed the task that is facing you many times.
We have more than 10 years of experience! We can solve your problem ;)

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