Procedure for promoting a new website

Promoting a new company website on Google - what is the procedure?


In this article we will try to briefly answer the following questions:

  1. Where to start promoting a new company website - what is the procedure for website promotion
  2. SEO optimization - how to choose search queries for promotion
  3. External promotion – how to increase link mass

A new company website is a site that is less than half a year old and has little or no external links or traffic from free search. When launching an advertising campaign, you need to understand that it will not be possible to quickly rise to the top 10 of free search results; it is a long, labor-intensive and resource-intensive process. Even with great financial resources, it is impossible to speed up the process of website optimization, because a rapid increase in external link mass can lead to penalties from search engines for “link explosion.”

Standard procedure for preparing a website for promotion:

  • Hide the site at the stage of making improvements and carrying out SEO optimization from indexing by search engines using robots.txt.
  • Carry out full internal search engine optimization of the site. Make sure that the site meets all the requirements of search engines (loading speed, adaptability, etc.), and also that the site is made for people, is interesting, convenient and useful. The latter will lead to good indicators of behavioral factors, which will later play an important role in website promotion.

Recommended procedure for advertising actions to promote the company website

Creating, setting up and launching contextual advertising in Google Ads

This type of advertising allows you to select the most selling keywords, which will be further emphasized when carrying out work on SEO optimization and website promotion in Google organic search. Also, advertising in Ads will allow you to check the site: find out its weak points, the ease of placing information on the pages, and the ease of placing an order. Contextual advertising will also allow you to find out statistics on conversions: how many site visitors contacted by phone, instant messenger or email, how many of them converted into clients, what the cost of certain conversions is.
To obtain the required amount of statistics, an analysis of Google Ads campaign statistics for 1 month is usually required.

You can read more about this advertising channel, as well as the terms of cooperation, by following this link to the page .

Initially, we recommend running ads in Ads for a large list of key phrases, showing all pages of the site in ads (using dynamic search), and not turning off an advertising campaign if it does not bring any orders in the first days.
Evaluating the results of launching an advertising campaign in Google Ads, we:

  • Let's find out the cost of the order and its profitability (the amount allocated for advertising should be less than the net profit from this order). We take the necessary actions to increase profitability: increase the markup on goods, reduce the percentage of employee profit from sales, etc.
  • We get a list of the most converting keywords. We use these words to expand the SEO core.

Conducting SEO optimization and launching work to promote the site in free search

If at the stage of the contextual advertising campaign in Google Ads we saw that advertising is profitable, then we move on to further work on optimizing and promoting the site. Typically, the cost of conversion due to website promotion is 2 or more times cheaper than the cost of conversion from Ads.

What requires attention when carrying out SEO optimization of a website:

  • SEO optimization is needed for the entire site, not just some pages.
  • When creating an SEO core and further clustering it, you need to use the widest possible list of key phrases.
  • The budget for monthly website promotion cannot be less than $200. Unless, of course, you want to wait about a year for the results of the work.
  • As soon as you see the results of your promotion work, immediately increase your advertising budget.
Read interesting articles about promotion and internal optimization:

The selection of key phrases for promotion in search (creation of an SEO core) and their distribution across site pages (clustering of search queries) is carried out using Google Ads statistics analysis, the Google Ads keyword selection tool, the Yandex Wordstat tool, as well as using the Serpstat functionality. Clustering of search queries is carried out using Aerpstat tips, as well as sound logic and understanding of client needs.

Launch of contextual display (banner) and video advertising

We launch this type of advertising to attract new customers and increase company awareness. The cost of a client from these sources will be many times higher than from standard (search, shopping) Ads campaigns. But the majority of clients who can attract these types of advertising campaigns will not be obtained from other advertising channels.
Advertising on Youtube is needed mainly to promote a new brand or increase awareness of an existing one. Video campaigns are not suitable for selling goods and services.

Among banner campaigns, we recommend running the following types of campaigns:

  • Display your advertising banners to visitors of competitors’ websites with similar topics in the Google network of sites (more than 4 million) and in applications.
  • Show your ad banners to visitors of sites that have your target keywords.
  • Showing your advertising banners to customers who are searching for your targeted keywords in Google search.
  • Showing your advertising banners to audiences based on interests, habits, and intentions.

how to increase link mass

Work on external website promotion is divided into 2 parts:

  • analysis of the external link mass of the top 10 competing sites in search results;
  • purchase of external link mass.

External link mass can be divided into 5 separate sources

We will try to briefly describe each of the sources, without going into technical details and skipping a large and useless, from a practical point of view, amount of theoretical information. You can read more in the article .

Eternal article links are links that are placed inside an article on a thematic or news resource with a guarantee that the page will not be deleted for a year or more.
The main source of obtaining permanent links: agreements with the owners of news and thematic sites, link exchanges Miralinks, Collaborator, etc.

Crowd links is a link from review sites, forums or from comments; the link itself is in the text of recommendations or reviews on thematic platforms in the most natural way possible.
The main source of obtaining crowd links: the manual work of an SEO manager and copywriter.

Social signals – placement of links to the site (publications, reposts) from social networks Facebook and others, which are tracked by search engines and create the correct link profile of the site.
The main source of obtaining social links: manual actions of trained students))

Rental links are links for which payment is made for each day of use, most often payment is made once a month. Rental links are most often used to promote multi-page online store sites. Their use is economically justified in the medium term (2 years), then perpetual links become a cheaper option. But often clients simply do not have enough money to purchase the required number of eternal links when starting a project. We generally do not recommend using this type of link. After all, rental links for a website are similar to a drug: once you use it, it’s impossible to refuse in the future.
The main source of obtaining rental links: link exchanges, for example, Sape.

Links from PBN networks (Private Blog Network) is a network of satellite sites that is created by an advertising studio specifically for SEO promotion of its projects (most often several) by placing links to the promoted site on these sites resource. The sites on this network appear to have no connection with each other. Often, domains and sites for creating PBN networks are taken from thematic dropdomains (domain names available for purchase) with a good history, and sites in the form of html pages are restored from casts on the network.
The main source of obtaining links from PBN networks: manual actions of an SEO manager and programmer

To summarize

Creating an advertising campaign for a new website is a labor-intensive process that should be performed exclusively by specialists. You should be prepared for the fact that the process of optimizing and promoting your site on the search network will take several months. At this time, we advise you to focus on filling the site with interesting, useful and unique content.

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