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The SEO-Room company has been promoting websites since 2010. During this time, we have created a successful website promotion model that demonstrates excellent results in various topics! Order website promotion now and develop your business while we advertise your website.

Site promotion on Google

SEO website promotion is the promotion of website positions in organic (free) search results. The result of promotion work is an increase in the number of transitions to your website.

Targeted traffic to the site grows due to the growth of the positions of your ads in Google and Yandex search results. The more traffic the site receives, the more orders for your goods or services.

If your goal is to start receiving orders immediately after launching advertising, then you should start using advertising in Google Ads. Website promotion is an inert process that begins to bring results 1-2 months after the start of work. But at the same time, the cost of targeted transitions to the site when promoting the site will be several times lower than the cost of transitions from Google Ads.

Only after SEO site optimization do we begin promoting the site using external factors.

Methods of website promotion by external factors

Purchase of eternal article links for basic high-frequency queries

Price: from $35 for 1 eternal article
Eternal article links are the most “natural” method for search engines to promote using external links, because the link is placed in the text of a unique article on a new page of a highly visited, thematic or news site.

Placement of crowd links

Price: 8$ for 1 crowd link
Crowd links are links from thematic forums, communities, review pages on thematic resources. In addition to improving the site’s position in organic search engine results, such links bring targeted traffic, and, therefore, orders.

Purchase of social factors (signals)

Price: from 1$ per 1 page
Social signals are links and comments from social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. People post links to promoted pages of your site or comments about your products and services on their pages or in reviews.

Purchasing rental links for low-frequency queries

Price: 1$ for 1 rental link per month
Low-frequency queries are cheapest to promote with rental links. We purchase non-anchor rental links on sites similar to the topics of the promoted pages. Payment for purchased links is charged monthly.

Increase behavioral factors

Price: from $40 per day
Google PageSpeed

Behavioral factors that we increase:

  • time spent on the site for 1 session
  • number of pages viewed in 1 session
  • transition based on a promoted query from Google search results to the client’s website
  • search suggestions - tooltips in the Google search bar

We achieve growth in targeted traffic through a smooth increase in link mass, regular improvements to the site and analysis of competitors' sites.

Answers to important questions
about website promotion

Terms of website promotion

The period for promoting a new website to the top of Google search results is from 5 to 8 months. Moreover, you will see the first results from our work (increase in site rankings and increase in organic traffic to the site) 5-6 weeks after the start of promotion. Many low-frequency phrases get into the top 10 of Google after SEO optimization of the site.

Work report

We provide 4 types of reports for clients:

  • 1. Report on promoted phrases. We enter all promoted phrases into the daily position reading system. The client is provided with a login and password for the account with this information.
  • 2. Report on the work we completed for the month. It includes a full description of each work with an indication of the cost and a link to the work performed (for pages of purchased eternal, crowd and rental links).
  • 3. Statistics report from Google Analytics. It includes a wide range of information from Analytics that is most relevant to the client.
  • 4. A report on the work that we plan to complete next month and the cost of the work.
Advertising budget planning

Before starting cooperation, we provide a timeline of work and prices for the next 6 months. Then, with each job completion report, we send prices and a list of jobs we recommend and plan to complete in the next month. We begin all work only after you agree with the terms and prices of the services we offer.

Guarantees and contract

Before starting cooperation, you and I decide on the need to draw up and sign an agreement. The agreement contains all the key points for your safety, as well as guarantees of quality services on our part. The majority of clients do not want to formalize an agreement and cooperate with us on the basis of oral agreements and mutual trust. We are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, so we closely monitor the growth of sales of your services or goods.

There can be 2 guarantees when promoting your site:

  • 1. Traffic guarantee - we guarantee minimal traffic growth: from 6% per month. Before starting cooperation, we record the number of transitions to your site through Google organics, then compare each month with the result obtained.
  • 2. Guaranteed positions in the top 10 Google - we guarantee that 30% of pre-selected search phrases will be included in the top 10 Google search results.

We discuss the payment system before the start of cooperation. We accept payment in cash, to a card account or to the bank account of a private entrepreneur.

The minimum budget for website promotion is $250 per month.

Starting from the second month of cooperation on promotion, we begin to perform additional analytical work and make the necessary corrections, which allow us to receive even more organic traffic to the site. The cost of this work depends on the size of the project.

Additional work
  • A thorough analysis of Google Analytics statistics.
  • Analysis of competitors’ positions and their promotion strategies.
  • Analysis of the semantic core of competitors' websites.
  • Expansion of the list of promoted queries.
  • Adding new functionality that improves behavioral factors.
  • Analyzing indexing statistics and fixing errors in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Editing meta tags and texts to improve the current position of the site.


The more resources (sites) that cite (link) to your site, the better it appears to search engines and therefore the higher it will be in the search results. It should be noted that the use of prohibited methods of website promotion on the Internet can temporarily push your site to the first pages of search results, but after this a partial or complete ban (exclusion) of your site from search results is possible. Therefore, website promotion should only be trusted to professionals.

Website promotion is an investment in your business. When your site is sufficiently promoted in Google and if you do not plan to expand your staff and do not want to earn more (yes, this happens), you can decide to stop working with us. At the same time, stop payments, but continue to receive calls and orders from the site. This can usually be done after 9-12 months of cooperation with us, if you initially chose the option of more expensive promotion, without purchasing rental links.

Often a customer asks to promote a new website (less than 3 months have passed since the domain name was registered). In this case, the time it takes to bring queries to the top of search engines will be 4 months longer. The reason for this is search engine filters that do not allow a “young” site to participate in search results for high-frequency queries. In this case, we recommend carrying out , and distribute the entire advertising budget for the first 3 months between contextual advertising in Google Ads and advertising on social networks.

Stages of website promotion

Analysis of site positions and creation of technical specifications for promotion

First stage
Analysis of site positions, creation of Terms of Reference (TOR) for promotion, coordination of costs with the client.

Contract. Prepayment

Second stage
We sign the contract. You make a 100% advance payment for monthly work to promote the site.

Carrying out promotional work

Third stage
Carrying out work specified in the contract to promote the site.

Report for the client. Certificate of completed work

Fourth stage
After completing the work, we send a report and a certificate of completion.

Reviews from our clients

Feedback on promotion and advertising in Ads of the Grilyato site


Website of suspended ceilings

I had experience collaborating with another company to promote a website and set up campaigns in context. There was no result even for six months. When collaborating with SEO-Room, I saw a difference after the first month of their work. I would like to express my gratitude for the provision of effective services for SEO optimization and website promotion, for the high-quality setup of an advertising campaign in Google Ads. Another pleasant aspect of cooperation is professional customer support, which quickly provides answers and solves my problems

review of promotion and advertising in Ads


Ulet.Pro wind tunnel website

We have been working with the company for more than 3 years. During this period, I am completely satisfied with the service and approach in all industries related to my domains. They brought us to the TOP. We receive monthly reports, everything is clear and transparent. I can confidently recommend cooperation.

review of the creation and advertising of


Grill store

We have been working with this company for two and a half years now. They carry out all our tasks quickly and efficiently. I recommend to everyone!

review of promotion and advertising on Google for the store


Mattress store

We have been cooperating with the guys for more than 3 years, we are satisfied with the services, reasonable prices, we are not going to change for another cooperation.

review of the creation and promotion of the ProVelo Bicycle Shop


Bike store

For more than 8 years, Seo-Room has been promoting, supporting and improving our site. We are happy with everything, especially the prices and quality of services. Sales volumes have grown, overall income has increased, I recommend it to everyone! Quickly and efficiently, special thanks to Alexey for monitoring and implementing new products in promotion and website promotion!


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