SEO Website Optimization

SEO Website Optimization

The SEO-Room company has been engaged in comprehensive advertising and website promotion since 2010. Empirically, we have created a successful website optimization model that demonstrates excellent results! Order optimization now and mind your business while we advertise your website.

SEO Website Optimization - Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of works on the site, the purpose of which is to improve the site’s position in the organic results of search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) for a selected group of key queries (for example, “buy an air conditioner,” “make a round seal,” etc.). Website optimization is carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of search engines.

Work on SEO website optimization

Creating an SEO core

Price: from $50
SEO core (semantic core) is a list of promoted key queries with distribution for each page of the site. Created using Yandex statistics, Google keyword selection tool and additional. BY.

Manual writing of meta tags

Price: from $5 per 1 page
Writing Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords for the main categories and pages of the site according to the created semantic core (distribution of promoted queries across pages).

Writing, optimization and placement of SEO texts
on promoted pages

Price: from $20 per text
We create texts optimized for search engines and place them on website pages.
Sequence of work: the SEO optimizer, according to the created semantic core, creates technical specifications for the copywriter (what words to use, with what frequency, how many headings, bulleted lists, etc. should be in the text), the copywriter writes a unique text, then the text is optimized ( tags, links, etc. are placed and posted on the site.

Adding structured data:
Google micro markup, OG markup and Twitter Card

Price: from $100

OG (Open Graph) markup is a protocol that allows you to manage and control the data generated in the preview (title, description, picture, etc.) in a post, when a user shares a link on social networks or instant messengers (Viber, Skype, Telegram).

Micro markup is a semantic optimization standard that transmits detailed information about the page (title, description, picture, manufacturer, price, number of reviews, etc.) to the search engine.
Testing Tool structured-data/testing-tool.
This website optimization standard was introduced by search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo in the summer of 2011. In the fall of the same year, it became known that the standard was supported by the domestic search engine Yandex. This markup improves the site's position in search results.

Twitter Card Markup – allows you to correctly mark up the content for an article snippet on Twitter. The system scans the page and determines the content: title, image and announcement. How the post will be displayed on Twitter depends on the micro markup settings.

Optimizing site loading speed
according to Google PageSpeed recommendations

Price: from $80
Google PageSpeed is a service that allows you to determine the performance of a website and gives recommendations for its optimization.
The higher the PageSpeed indicator, the higher the site’s position in search results.
Checker tool: speed/pagespeed/insights/.
Improving site loading speed indicators has a positive effect on the growth of the site’s position in organic search results. This is due to the improvement of behavioral factors (PF) of the site: the bounce rate decreases and the average time spent on the page increases.
Nowadays, more and more website visitors are coming from mobile devices. All normal sites load in 1-3 seconds. Therefore, clients will not wait 15 seconds or more, but will leave, thinking that your site is not working! A recent Google study found that 53% of users are likely to abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Creating an automatic program for mass generation of meta tags

Price: from $70
Necessary for online stores with a large number of products. The program creates meta tags for product pages and/or category, brand, filter pages and their combinations.

Correcting the structure of H tags in page templates

Price: from $40
Correction of the structure of H tags in the template of typical (repeating) pages: products, categories, brands, articles, news, etc.

Creation of XML sitemap and html sitemap
for Google and Yandex search engines

Price: from $50
The creation of these maps speeds up the indexing of site pages by search robots (spiders), and also increases the site’s position in Google and Yandex thanks to better linking.

Creating robots.txt

Price: 20$
The correct robots.txt file allows you to hide unnecessary pages and resources from indexing by search robots, indicate to them the main host and a link to the site map.

Gluing a domain name and setting up redirects
Correcting duplicate pages and installing the canonical tag

Price: from $50
Merging a domain name from to one without www increases the weight of the site by almost 2 times.

Some website engines (CMS) create duplicate main pages. Example:


We correct these errors by adding correct redirects.
Many online stores generate pagination pages (2,3, etc. category page or filter pages) with the same meta tags. In this case, you need to specify the canonical tag, which explains to search robots which page is canonical (main) and what exactly it needs to be indexed.

Adding a site to Google Webmaster Tools,
correcting identified errors

Price: from $50
Google Search Console is a web service that allows webmasters to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. Tools for webmasters help to find and correct additional errors on the site, as well as control the process of website promotion as a whole.
The service is located at: /search-console/.

Cleaning site source code

Price: from 40$
A large amount of garbage in the source code worsens the site’s position and interferes with the work of search robots, preventing them from obtaining information about the content. Large and cumbersome codes also slow down the loading of website pages in the browser.

Fixing website usability

Price: from $100
We make the site convenient for customers. We'll tell you what to change so that all roads lead to the application. Often, the inconvenient arrangement of blocks on the site, the design structure on the cart page or CPA (Call Per Action) forms deter over 50% of visitors from completing the required conversion (order).

Creating correct website linking

Price: from $50
Site linking is the linking of pages of one site using hyperlinks. The structure of links on a site determines the distribution of the “weight” of the site across pages and affects the promotion of the entire site. A competent website link structure without unnecessary expenditure of resources and money will significantly increase your position in search results.

Installing a Google Analytics counter, setting up audiences and goals

Price: $30
Search engine counters allow you to analyze all the traffic information on your website. They help increase conversion (number of orders) on pages, as well as analyze errors that affect visitors leaving the site.

Optimization of texts and correction of the structure of headings (H-tags) in them

Price: from $7 for 1 text
Often clients who contact us already have unique texts on their website that need to be optimized: correct the structure of headings and links, clean up the source code.

Analysis and correction of errors using special SEO software

Price: from $50
Even the most attentive person will not be able to find all the errors on all pages of the sites. We use additional SEO software to find and correct errors that were previously missed. It allows you to analyze all pages of the site using more than 200 criteria.

Adding captions to pictures (filling in the alt tag)

Price: from $0.3 per picture
Adding descriptions (alt tags) to pictures will allow you to get more clicks from image searches in Google and Yandex search engines.

Internal site search optimization is the first step before starting external website promotion. Without SEO optimization, website promotion with external links and social signals is not recommended due to low efficiency. Often, internal optimization alone is enough to increase traffic from search engines by 2 times or more!

Stages of website SEO optimization

Analysis of the site and creation of technical specifications for optimization

First stage
Site analysis, creation of Technical Specifications (TOR) for optimization, cost coordination with the client.

Contract. Prepayment

Second stage
We sign the contract. You make an advance payment of 50% for website optimization work.

Carrying out SEO optimization

Third stage
Having received all access from the site, the programmer, SEO manager and copywriter perform the work.

Certificate of completed work and payment

Fourth stage
After completing the work, we send a certificate of completion. You check the report and pay the remaining 50%.

Reviews from our clients

Feedback on promotion and advertising in Ads of the Grilyato site


Website of suspended ceilings

I had experience collaborating with another company to promote a website and set up campaigns in context. There was no result even for six months. When collaborating with SEO-Room, I saw a difference after the first month of their work. I would like to express my gratitude for the provision of effective services for SEO optimization and website promotion, for the high-quality setup of an advertising campaign in Google Ads. Another pleasant aspect of cooperation is professional customer support, which quickly provides answers and solves my problems

review of promotion and advertising in Ads


Ulet.Pro wind tunnel website

We have been working with the company for more than 3 years. During this period, I am completely satisfied with the service and approach in all industries related to my domains. They brought us to the TOP. We receive monthly reports, everything is clear and transparent. I can confidently recommend cooperation.

review of the creation and advertising of


Grill store

We have been working with this company for two and a half years now. They carry out all our tasks quickly and efficiently. I recommend to everyone!

review of promotion and advertising on Google for the store


Mattress store

We have been cooperating with the guys for more than 3 years, we are satisfied with the services, reasonable prices, we are not going to change for another cooperation.

review of the creation and promotion of the ProVelo Bicycle Shop


Bike store

For more than 8 years, Seo-Room has been promoting, supporting and improving our site. We are happy with everything, especially the prices and quality of services. Sales volumes have grown, overall income has increased, I recommend it to everyone! Quickly and efficiently, special thanks to Alexey for monitoring and implementing new products in promotion and website promotion!


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