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Advertising on social networks (SMM)

Are you already engaged in website promotion and advertising in the context of Ads and don’t know how else to increase the number of clients? Then hurry up and start advertising and running social networks!

SMM - Social Media Marketing

In recent years, social networks have become an integral part of life for both ordinary users and the business community. They continue to develop intensively and are rapidly increasing their user base. Thus, social networks are becoming an increasingly powerful sales tool every day. SEO-Room company offers SMM services. SMM is Social Media Marketing (Marketing on Social Networks) - management and advertising on social networks. The most effective and optimal method of advertising on social networks, which has been repeatedly confirmed in practice, is dynamic remarketing in FaceBook .

SMM benefits

  1. Possibility of precise targeting (selecting target audience by gender, age, region, interests, marital status).
  2. Regular increase in the number of group users.
  3. Regular dialogue with potential clients (informing about new promotions, products, etc.).
  4. Increasing brand awareness.
  5. Increase in sales of goods and services.

The sequence of our actions

  1. We analyze the market, determine the client’s advantages and disadvantages, and draw up a strategy for maintaining social groups and pages.
  2. We create and fill the community with basic information.
  3. We write and agree with the customer on a content plan, budget size and types of advertising that we will use.
  4. Launch advertising on social networks.
  5. We moderate communities: we respond to comments and messages.
  6. We empirically improve the strategy for managing social groups.
Стоимость SMM услуг
в Facebook и Instagram
Описание работ
Стоимость работ
Программа продвижения.
Контент план мероприятий
$50 единоразово
Наполнение сообщества контентом
1. Новости компании (предоставляются клиентом).
2. Новости по теме (10 новостей в месяц).
3. Развлекательный контент (30 постов в месяц).
4. Конкурс (1 в месяц, призы предоставляются клиентом).
5. Акция (1 в месяц, призы предоставляются клиентом).
6. Голосование (2 в месяц).
7. Модерация (ответы в сообществе).
$400 / месяц
1. Реклама в Facebook и Instagram (медийная и ремаркетинговая).
20% от бюджета / месяц
Итого: от $450 / месяц

Dynamic remarketing on Facebook

Dynamic remarketing on Facebook is the display of banners with products that a visitor viewed on your website in the Facebook news feed.

We create and configure a dynamic remarketing campaign one-time. In the future, you will replenish your balance on Facebook yourself. Rather, funds are debited from the card account automatically as the budget is spent.

The cost of creation and configuration is $200.

Stages of launching an advertising campaign in social media. networks


First stage
Discussion of the types of advertising campaigns that are planned to be created. Clarification of campaign targeting and budgets.

Contract. Prepayment

Second stage
We sign the contract. You make a 100% advance payment for creating advertising campaigns.

Creating advertising campaigns

Third stage
Carrying out the work specified in the contract to create advertising campaigns.

Report for the client. Certificate of completed work

Fourth stage
After completing the work, we send a report and a certificate of completion.

Reviews from our clients

Feedback on promotion and advertising in Ads of the Grilyato site


Website of suspended ceilings

I had experience collaborating with another company to promote a website and set up campaigns in context. There was no result even for six months. When collaborating with SEO-Room, I saw a difference after the first month of their work. I would like to express my gratitude for the provision of effective services for SEO optimization and website promotion, for the high-quality setup of an advertising campaign in Google Ads. Another pleasant aspect of cooperation is professional customer support, which quickly provides answers and solves my problems

review of promotion and advertising in Ads


Ulet.Pro wind tunnel website

We have been working with the company for more than 3 years. During this period, I am completely satisfied with the service and approach in all industries related to my domains. They brought us to the TOP. We receive monthly reports, everything is clear and transparent. I can confidently recommend cooperation.

review of the creation and advertising of


Grill store

We have been working with this company for two and a half years now. They carry out all our tasks quickly and efficiently. I recommend to everyone!

review of promotion and advertising on Google for the store


Mattress store

We have been cooperating with the guys for more than 3 years, we are satisfied with the services, reasonable prices, we are not going to change for another cooperation.

review of the creation and promotion of the ProVelo Bicycle Shop


Bike store

For more than 8 years, Seo-Room has been promoting, supporting and improving our site. We are happy with everything, especially the prices and quality of services. Sales volumes have grown, overall income has increased, I recommend it to everyone! Quickly and efficiently, special thanks to Alexey for monitoring and implementing new products in promotion and website promotion!


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