Website promotion cost

Promotion cost - SEO price for website promotion


Selection of service packages for website promotion

Light Minimum package

  • Links per month: up to 18 (4-12 eternal + 6 crowd)
  • Texts per month: up to 3
  • Expected traffic growth per month: 5-10%


Per month

Standard Popular package

  • Links per month: up to 28 (6-18 eternal + 10 crowd)
  • Texts per month: up to 4
  • Expected monthly traffic growth: 7-15%


Per month

Premium Optimal package

  • Links per month: from 36 (8-24 eternal + 12 crowd)
  • Texts per month: from 6
  • Expected traffic increase per month: from 10%

from 500$

Per month

Important! When creating an advertising campaign, our main goal is to increase the number of sales of your products or services. We are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We are interested in advertising that is not only self-sustaining, but also consistently brings you profit!

When promoting a site, we most often use only article and crowd links, because they are the most effective. Although in some cases we purchase other external links: social and rental.

Website promotion packages (number of links and texts in them) were created based on statistics of the most popular orders from our clients. Therefore, the number of purchased links and texts to your site may vary.

After achieving the desired result from You can decide to stop all work. But the stable growth of orders for goods and services rarely allows customers to refuse to continue promotion.

Website promotion plan

Our clients often ask: "?" You can find a detailed plan for 5 months by following the link. Now we will try to briefly describe our actions.

  • SEO optimization of the site.
    Before promoting the site, you must . At this stage, we analyze and correct more than 20 different website indicators.
  • Analysis of promoted queries.
    After SEO optimization is completed, 2 weeks pass, during which time the site rises in many queries thanks to this work. When choosing phrases for promotion, we analyze which phrases are already near the top 10 (in the top 30 of search results). We start promotion with these requests, because... they will quickly get into the top 10 and begin to bring returns to the client in the form of an increase in orders for services and goods.
  • Website promotion.
    consists of placing links to your site on external resources and increasing behavioral factors. Depending on the topic and competition, the optimal model for building a link profile is selected. When promoting externally, we most often use:
    • eternal article links
    • crowd links
    • social links
    • rental links
    • cheat behavioral factors

Time frame for website promotion

The period for a website to rank in the top search engines Google and Yandex depends on several parameters:

  • Domain age.
    For the first 3 months after purchasing and hosting a site on a domain, it is in the Google sandbox. This means that the site will not be displayed in the top 10 search results for popular (high-frequency) queries.
  • Uniqueness of content.
    it is more difficult/several times more expensive to promote a website with non-unique content. We recommend that you first make the content unique, and then start promoting the site.
  • Level .
    SEO optimization consists of many separate tasks:
    • prescribing meta tags
    • correction of H-tag structure,
    • optimizing site loading speed according to Google PagegeSpeed recommendations, etc.
  • Behavioral factors on the site.
    The longer the time spent on the site, the more page views per session, the better.
  • External links from other sites.
    The more quality links from thematic resources, the better. .

In fact, there is no time limit for promoting requests on the site! The more time the site is promoted, the more queries can be displayed in the top 5 search engines Google and Yandex. The timing of the output of low-frequency (LF), mid-frequency (MF) and high-frequency (HF) requests depends on many factors:

  • from the volume of the monthly budget,
  • from competition in the topic,
  • site optimization level
  • number of promoted pages.

Timing for reaching the top 10 Google low-frequency queries:

  • For 2 months - 10-15%
  • For 6 months - 25-40%

Time frame for reaching the top 10 Google mid and high frequency queries:

  • For 4 months - 10-15%
  • For 10 months - 25-40%

The time frame for bringing a site to the top of search results is indicated approximately: a site was taken with average competition, a package of services at the Standard tariff.

It is worth understanding that the more promoted phrases are already on the site, the more difficult it is to promote new phrases. After all, to promote you will need to increase the number of promoted pages (write new articles, news, reviews). After all, the number of phrases that can be promoted on one page is limited.

Site promotion results

The main indicators characterizing the quality of our work are:

  • Growth of site positions in organic search results.
  • Increase in the number of transitions from search.

An indirect indicator of success is an increase in orders for goods or services.

Cost of website promotion services

It’s no secret that many people, having read this article, have not found an answer to the question: “So what does the price of website promotion depend on?”

The price of project promotion depends on 3 parameters:

Price of external links for website promotion

To determine the quantity and volume of purchases of external links, we conduct an analysis of competitors. As a result of the information received, we approximately understand the amount that needs to be spent on bringing the client’s website to the top.

Another nuance is the types of purchased links: eternal or rental. Perpetual links are more expensive, but require a one-time payment. Rental links, on the other hand, have a low price but require monthly payments.

Thus, the cost of promotion with external links will depend on the competition and the selected type of external links.

Price of writing SEO texts and articles for the site

The content (information content) of a website plays a very important role in website promotion. Therefore, to you need to approach it with full responsibility. For text to really help promote a site, it must meet many indicators:

  • have the correct H-tag structure
  • have bulleted or numbered lists
  • be unique
  • contain the required number of links to promoted pages

The number of texts that need to be written for the site is determined at the stage of creating the SEO core, as well as in the future when promoting high-frequency queries.

The cost of writing 1 text of 2500-3000 characters without spaces is $20.

Have you created a website and now want to order its SEO optimization and promotion in search engines? Contact us and take care of your business while we advertise your website.

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