How to write SEO text correctly

How to correctly write SEO optimized text for a website


To understand what writing SEO texts for a website is, you need to familiarize yourself with the definition of the terms copywriting and rewriting.
Wikipedia offers the following interpretation of these terms:


- professional activity in writing advertising and presentation texts.
Writing, optimization and placement of SEO texts on promoted pages according to the developed plan. These can be considered all texts that directly or indirectly advertise or popularize a product, company, service, person or idea. These can be slogans, scripts for TV and radio commercials, events, advertising articles, etc. Specialists who engage in copywriting are called copywriters.


(English rewriting) - processing of source text materials for the purpose of their further use.
Unlike copywriting, the basis is taken from an already written text, which is written in your own words, while maintaining the semantic load. Specialists in lexical changes of original texts are called rewriters. Rewriting is used to quickly obtain unique text for the purpose of placing it on a promoted website.

Correct writing of unique texts for a website is the creation of new unique text for a promoted website page through copywriting or rewriting in order to improve the site’s position in search results. An SEO optimizer is responsible for drawing up technical specifications for such texts. Based on search query statistics and analysis of competitors' websites, the optimizer selects a list of keywords that must be present in the text. Then the task is transferred to the copywriter. After writing the text, the copywriter returns the text to the optimizer to add HTML tags, headings (h1, h2, h3) and add links to other pages of the site in order to improve linking.

How to write SEO texts

Basic requirements for SEO texts:

Texts must be unique

Modern search engine algorithms are able to analyze the uniqueness of texts. If you decide to copy and place on your website text that is already in the search engine index, this will not give any positive result. On the contrary, your site may fall under the filter of search engines and feel sanctions for posting non-unique texts in the form of exclusion of the page with this text from search results. The best option, when carrying out , would be to use texts that are more than 95% unique. Placing unique texts has a positive effect on the growth of pages in search results.

How to check the uniqueness of text

There are many services on the Internet for checking the uniqueness of text. Here are some of them:

  • - the fastest verification mechanism, there is a limit on the number of free checks
  • - slow, but the most accurate verification mechanism, there is a limit on the number of free checks

Correct structure of headings h1, h2, h3

The use of headings when writing text is liked not only by search engines, but also by people. With them, the text becomes more readable.

Let's give an example of the correct use of headings when writing text for a website. The optimal length of SEO text is approximately 2500 characters. In this text:

  • h1 header must be used 1 time
  • h2 heading should be used 1-2 times
  • h3 heading should be used 1-2 times

Lists should be used in SEO text

The use of bulleted and numbered lists improves the site's results in search results, and also improves readability by highlighting the list of items listed for the visitor.

That’s why articles like “10 popular tips” or “5 mistakes when buying” are very popular on news sites. of such articles on the site becomes easier/cheaper.

11 important rules for writing texts for a website

11 important rules for writing texts for a website
  • Add pictures or photographs to the text of the article. They improve the perception of the article by visitors. It is advisable to use unique pictures.
  • The text in the H1 header should contain the most high-frequency queries.
  • The text must be more than 2500 characters.
  • Don’t forget to include thematic links within the text.
  • Create compelling and truthful headlines. The title of the article must fully correspond to the content of the text. Heading length no more than 70 characters.
  • Key phrases should be highlighted with the strong tag only for ease of reading the text. Now search engines fine for excessive use of such tags.
  • Do not write the text as a “solid canvas”. Divide the text into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences. Clients practically do not read large fragments of text.
  • It is worth choosing styles and fonts that are easy to read. Do not use beautiful but unreadable fonts.
  • Before writing texts, look at how they are written on your competitors’ websites.
  • Don't repeat keywords too often. Use synonyms as well as relevant LSI phrases
  • Avoid grammatical and syntax errors.

Conclusion - order SEO text from professionals

In this article we tried to describe the main nuances in professional writing. For some terms and points described in the article, you can create an additional article, the information on the topic about ! Therefore, we recommend saving your money and time and ordering the writing of the required number of SEO texts from specialists in this field!

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