What links do we buy and where do we place them?

What links do we buy? Where and how to place links


To bring your site to the top of search engines, you need to increase your external link mass. Moreover, if in low-competitive topics only is enough to bring some of the queries into the visible area, then in competitive topics without links cannot even get into the top 30 search results. All companies that deal with know this, so absolutely everyone buys links!

Every day search engines are becoming smarter and learning to recognize such dishonest cheating and immediately apply penalties to sites. SEO companies call these penalties a “search engine filter.” Many newcomers to promotion buy too many links at once, wanting to get results as quickly as possible, and, with a high probability, fall under the filter for an unnatural “link explosion”. Another popular reason for filtering by search engines is the frequent use of anchor links. Also, beginners, having read horror stories about filters, begin to be overly cautious and spend the budget in 3-4 months without achieving the desired result.

In order not to fall under such filters, you need to have the necessary knowledge and extensive practical experience. Later in the article we will talk about:

Eternal and rental links, their advantages and disadvantages

The most effective type of promotion for most sites is eternal article links. Perpetual article links are links that are placed inside a thematic article on a thematic or news resource with a guarantee that the page will not be deleted for a year or more.

Main advantages of perpetual links

  • One-time payment and long-term, mostly permanent, results.
  • No way to get under the search engine filter. Such links look most natural to search engines.
  • The opportunity to receive targeted traffic. In addition to increasing the positions of the promoted anchor, eternal links can bring targeted traffic, and, therefore, calls and orders, from the resources where they are located.

Disadvantages of permanent links

  • High price. The price of a perpetual article link on a highly visited target resource can reach $50 or more. Therefore, such links are not available to the average level of clients.
  • Longer promotion period. This is due to the large size of the advertising budget that needs to be allocated to purchase the required (large number) of such links. On average, a perpetual article link, compared to a rental link, pays for itself in 30 months or more. Therefore, for the first 2-3 years, website promotion using only permanent links will cost the owner 3 or more times more than if only rental links were used.

Conclusions: If the client does not have a large budget for promotion, and the reserve of money is small, then eternal links are not for him. He should first try other methods of building external link mass.

What links we buy

Depending on the competitiveness of the topic and the size of the advertising budget, we choose a separate link building strategy for each client. We have learned to find the optimal path in which the result is achieved quickly and the client’s site is guaranteed not to fall under the search engine filter.

For we use:

  • Eternal article links.
  • Crowd links.
  • Rental links.
  • Links from social networks.

Basic requirements for purchasing links - links must be purchased from donors with thematic content.

Before starting to build link mass from the sources described above, our specialists try to get . To do this, they select the first 100 results in Google and try to put links to the promoted site on them. Such links bring the site to the top of Google as quickly as possible.

What parameters of the donor site to look at when choosing a link

Promotion specialists from SEO-Room carefully filter donor sites where links to the promoted site will be placed. We place a link on only one of the 50 verified potential donor sites. Once a month, work is carried out to check the built-up link mass: if the donor ceases to meet the necessary requirements, the link is removed. This procedure allows you to save up to 10% of your budget for external promotion!

When choosing a donor site, we analyze more than 35 parameters! Some of the main analyzed criteria are:

  • Site traffic. It is necessary that it does not fall, plus we check which countries they are transferring from.
  • Age and first mention in the web archive.
  • Site trust (check using checktrust, majestic or ahrefs).
  • Dynamics of link traffic growth (check using ahrefs). We buy if there is growth.
  • Site indexing (check using rdsbar, pr-cy).
  • Number of incoming and outgoing links.

"Let's fire up the topic" or how to quickly and reliably promote a site with links

I would like to share a very effective method of promoting a website in top search engines through the purchase of super-targeted and effective links.


  • We check the sites of competitors in the top search results in your topic.
  • We create an anchor list for your website based on competitors’ anchors.
  • We look in ahrefs where competitors posted links. You can go through these sites and perhaps post links on the same resources (sites, forums, comments, etc.).

Purchasing external links is certainly the main method of promoting a site’s position in Google and Yandex searches. Choosing placements, anchor lists and the number of links needed is a complex matter that requires significant practical skills. Don’t take risks, entrust the promotion of your website to the professionals from SEO-Room!

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