External links: how much to buy and which ones are better

How many links to buy per site. Which links are better: permanent or rental?


The information in the article will be useful for beginner website promotion specialists, as well as for website owners who want to know the answers to the questions:

  • What are external and internal links
  • What is the difference between anchor and non-anchor links
  • What is a rental link
  • What is a permanent link
  • Which link should you buy

Definition of terms

External link is a link that is located on one site and leads to a page on another site.

Internal link is a link that is located on a page of one site and leads to another page of the same site.

Anchor link is a link with an anchor. Anchor is the text part of the link that a site visitor sees, when clicked on it goes to another page.
The link text is inserted between the <а>...</a> tags. Example of an anchor link <а itemprop="url" href="https://seo-room.com.ua/en/services/website-promotion.html">Site promotion</a>
A non-anchor link looks like this: http://seo-room.com.ua/en/services/website-promotion.html

Rental link is an external non-anchor or anchor link that is placed on other sites (donors) with a certain rental fee per day/month. An eternal link is an external non-anchor or anchor link that is placed on other sites (donors) and payment for which is taken one-time.

How to promote a website without links

Before answering this question, please review .

To all business owners who believe that link promotion is a bad option, we want to clarify that this is the only option!

You can’t just take and promote a site without links

Although Google officially prohibits buying and selling links, external links are still a predetermining factor when bringing a site into the top 10 in a competitive topic (electronics store, metal-plastic windows, etc.). In competitive topics, you will never even get into the top 30 of Google without purchasing external links. No matter what you do to promote your site, it will not help without external links.

Search engines have, are, and will continue to take into account external links when ranking sites in search results!

Which links to buy

Let's look at what links can be purchased and what are the requirements for the donor site.

You can purchase anchor and non-anchor links on the site. For most cases, non-anchor links should make up 80% of all external link juice.

Parameters of donor sites for purchasing links

  • Donor pages must be relevant in meaning to the page being promoted. It is optimal when the of the donor contains part of the name of the promoted page.
  • The donor site must have a large amount of traffic per day. Links that regularly bring visitors to your site work optimally.
  • The donor page must have good indicators (TrustFlow, good ratio of incoming and outgoing links, etc.).
  • The donor page must be in the Google index (when purchasing a rental link).

7 tips for buying external links

  • The best choice for a donor page is the choice from Google search results. We select the first 100 search results and try to link to them.
  • It is advisable that the anchors in your external link mass are not repeated.
  • We analyze which links our competitors from Google's top 3 have purchased. We try to place our links on the same resources.
  • We buy links on sites older than 180 days. The age of a domain can be determined using whois.
  • We buy links on sites with positive dynamics of external link growth. We look at the dynamics of link traffic growth using the ahrefs functionality.
  • If there is a lot of competition, you should not buy more than 30 external links per page. It is better to write articles on the website with an internal link to the promoted page and purchase links to the article.
  • To get quick results, it is better to buy external links to pages that are already near the top (pages are located from 11 to 30 positions in search results).

Which links to buy: permanent or rental

Many customers are interested in what is the main difference between permanent and rental links. The answer is: the difference in the price you need to pay for them.

The cost of a perpetual link is approximately equal to the cost of a rental link for 30 months! Therefore, in order to save budget and for large online stores, purchasing rental links is necessary.

Of course, a permanent link is better than a rental one. Basically, perpetual links are located inside the topical article, which improves the impact of such a link. Therefore, if your budget is huge and you plan that your business will exist for longer than 3 years, it’s definitely worth buying only eternal links.


All kinds of links are important, but not all are necessary. Purchasing links is a complex process that depends on a large number of parameters.

If you purchase links incorrectly, it is very easy to get sanctions from the Google search engine in the form of the promoted page falling out of the search results.

For high-quality external promotion with links, we strongly recommend turning to professionals. This will save you time and money!

Do you want to see the rapid growth of your website in the top search engines?
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