Google Ads Quality Score

What determines the quality score of keywords in Google Ads


To everyone involved in I wonder what the quality rate (QR - Quality Rate) depends on. Many people guess, but we are sure that the full list of parameters on which the quality indicator depends is known only to a few.

Quality Score affects the performance of your Ads campaign. The cost per click price depends on this indicator. Increasing Quality Score results in reduced advertising costs and increased return on investment (ROI).

Quality Score information is presented in four status columns: Quality Score, Landing Page Quality, Ad Relevance, and Expected CTR. These columns can be added to keyword reports.

To add columns related to the quality indicator to the table you need:

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab at the top of the page.
  2. Go to the Keywords section.
  3. On the toolbar above the table, click the Columns button.
  4. Select Edit Columns.
  5. Select Quality Score.
  6. To view information about your current Quality Score and its components, select the options below. They will be added to the statistics table.
    • Show. quality
    • Landing page quality
    • Ad relevance
    • Expected CTR
  7. To view information about the quality score and its components for previous periods, segment the data by Day (Time section) and select the options listed below. They will be added to the statistics table.
    • Show. quality (stat.)
    • Landing page quality (average)
    • Relevance of ad. (stat.)
    • Expected CTR (stat.)
  8. Click Apply.

What affects quality score in Ads

Let us conditionally divide the factors that influence QR into 4 groups:

1. Impact of relevance on QR

  • Using a keyword in the meta title of the page
  • Using a keyword in the H1 and H2 headings of the page
  • Using a keyword in an Ads ad
  • Keyword relevance to search query
  • Having a keyword on the landing page
  • Presence of a keyword on the advertised site

2. Impact of CTR on QR

  • Ad CTR
  • Historical Keyword and Ad CTR
  • CTR of competitors
  • CTR of other ads in the group and campaign

3. Impact of page and site on QR

  • Landing page quality (ease of navigation and usefulness of content)
  • Landing page PageSpeed (loading speed)
  • Subject of the advertised site

4. Influence of other factors on QR

  • Using extensions in a campaign:
    • Additional links
    • Clarifications
    • Phone numbers
    • Addresses
  • The presence of a keyword in the display URL and site domain
  • Presence of negative words in the campaign
  • Behavioral factors (time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed per session)
  • Amount of organic traffic
  • Using the Google+ page

If you want to improve the quality score in your Ads campaigns, then you need to check and correct the factors that are listed above.

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