Translation of websites into Ukrainian and English

Automatic translation of online store content into Ukrainian


If you want to translate the content of your website quickly and inexpensively, if you do not want to fall under sanctions in Ukraine, then this article is for you!

Who needs automatic website translation services

The main clients are online stores with a large number of pages.
The software package we have developed uses the mechanisms of Google translator and integration with the website database (MySQL or any other).
We use semi-automatic methods that allow us to efficiently translate a large amount of content (up to 10,000 products per day).

What is the cost of website content translation services

The cost of services depends on the type of your website engine, the structure of the blocks being translated and the number of pages being translated.
The cost of work starts from $50.
The average cost of translating content for an online store with 5,000 products is $150.
The cost of translating content on typical pages (products, articles, news) may vary depending on the CMS (site engine).
The lion's share of website translation work is occupied by the translation of website functionality: block headers, menus, information messages, labels on buttons, etc.
The huge cost of adding a second language occurs in 2 cases:

  1. If the site has been significantly improved and the built-in functionality for adding a second language simply does not work.
  2. If the site did not initially include such functionality.

Also, do not forget that when adding a second language, if the site is promoted in organic (free) Google search, you will need to make language SEO improvements:

  • add hreflang;
  • fix canonical;
  • fix prev, next, base;
  • add new language pages to the xml sitemap;
  • check the indexability of pages and other possible errors.

Need to translate your website into Ukrainian or English?

Due to the tightening of language legislation in Ukraine and automatic mailings from the office of the language ombudsman with threats of sanctions (fines), we recommend that all website owners add the Ukrainian version of the website. By default, the Ukrainian version of the site should load first. Of course, one can argue about this issue for a long time, about how exactly they can fine if the site and domain are not registered in Ukraine. But do not forget that about 10% of nationalist-minded Ukrainians will simply stop buying goods on your website if there is no Ukrainian language there. Therefore, translating the site into Ukrainian will not only avoid fines and blocking of the site, but will also help not to lose 10% of customers.

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