SEO optimization is needed at the stage of website creation

Why SEO optimization is needed when creating a website


Many clients do not understand why they need to carry out SEO optimization of a website during its development and creation. “Most website owners optimize their existing websites right before starting promotion and feel good about it,” they think.

Our goal is to point out to you the main reasons why you should engage in already during its .

Why SEO should be carried out during website creation

SEO is cheaper to do during website creationSaving money

It’s cheaper; before optimizing a finished site, you need to conduct serious analytics of hundreds of parameters. You will have to pay for it.

SEO cannot always meet all the requirements of search enginesOptimal SEO

When optimizing a finished website, it is not always possible to meet all the requirements of search engines.

It's easier to create a structure that best matches the SEO coreQuick results

Indexing edits to a finished site takes more time. On a new website it is easier to create a structure that best matches the SEO core.

It is for these reasons that it is so important to carry out SEO optimization at the stage of website creation, and not later. Carrying out optimization can be compared to making a deposit in a bank - the earlier you place a deposit, the more money you will receive in interest.

Why do you need to do SEO website optimization

  • An optimized website brings profit! In many low-competition topics, one site optimization is enough to bring it to the top of search engines. Even if your topic is competitive, optimization will increase the amount of traffic to your site.
  • An optimized website quickly gets to the top! Many clients create their websites because someone told them that this is enough to make a profit. But that's not true. A site without advertising and initial optimization will most likely not bring in any conversions.
  • The results from website promotion will be better! Without starting is highly not recommended. After all, the money spent will bring only a small part of the result that could be achieved with optimization.
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